Sunday, 20 June 2010

poem - 3 quarters full

I like writing poems, who knew? expect more...

day after day
week after week
we search our mind but do not know what to seek
a space is missing, in life's jigsaw a piece is gone.
its a tricky one. a piece may fit but wont agree with the picture.

do I seem dull? incomplete? not myself?
That would be normal that would make sense
im still unhappy I haven't found my piece
I've looked everywhere. irationality takes over
paranoia becomes a friend to help me look

I found out a shop sells my missing piece
only to find its another which just fits
it fills the void but dosn't belong
This is why I act so wronged

im puzzled and puzzled and puzzled again
untill I find myself shopping without money
for something that can't be bought
untill I find myself waiting without sleep
for something that can't be found

Saturday, 19 June 2010

straight edge - my personal opinions

so ok please don't judge before you read. this isn't gunna be a standard rant about how Im angry at the world cos Im straight edge.
I've been this way for a couple years now and over these years my opinions have changed yeh I used to be a charged kid full of anger, listened to all the positive hardcore music about community and positive outlook within the scene. but over the years i've developed my own definition. its slowly became a day to day personal TOOL I use from day to day, its slowly became something about other people, a community, to something so personal and so kept to myself.

What im trying to point out here is that there is so many documentaries with guys from bands stating the obvious shit about sxe, 'it was originated in dc in 80s, pure mind and body' blah blah blah and also in these documentaries they often point out the counter attitude in the scene, sxe crews who beat up on kids drinking, smoking etc, making it a war on the street. I know kids who are both like this, But what im trying to point out is that I think there is also a silent group of us who just don't give a shit anymore, fed up with the stereotypical examples of a straight edge kid cause in the media your ether a preeching do gooder or a gang related bully. but I find myself to be neither of these and i wouldn't doubt for a second there are many like me. its became so personal to me now that i've often considered not calling myself sxe anymore because to share the title with so many others who sometimes demonstrate in in such a different way compared to me seems wrong sometimes but I still do because I still love and respect the roots from which it came from, the music.

Going back to the media aspect I hate the fact it gives people watching one of these documentaries the interpretation that this is all we can be. A positive sxe kid or a negative one. I am not a angel or a saint who knows how to live your life the right way, straight edge has not let me see the light or taken my wisdom to a higher level and its also not a weapon I have learnt to use or a direction to aim my hatred. like I said before it is simply a tool for me. Straight edge is a huge part of me but apart from when im seeing bands I can relate to or playing in a sxe one im in currently my passion and feelings for it aren't going to be on show.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

10 speed bicycle free demo download!

So I have a project with a few friends, its a emo poppy band - influences from cap n jazz, grown ups, penpal, snowing, American football etc etc. were based in the uk. this is a free 2 song rough e.p email me at if you wanna know about dates were playing! enjoy! (hopefully)

here's the 1st track

and here's the second

if the downloads don't work then just email me on the adress above and ill be happy to send you them your way