Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What is a 'whore'?

Maybe its because i'm currently a bit deprived of sleep at the moment but I felt the need to write about something a little controversial and opinionated...maybe the point where I might offend someone?..o well

SO what is a 'whore'? - well the normal response by a lot of people would be 'someone who has sex a lot' how do I know? well for the past few months Ive been asking people what they think a whore is and by the results Ive found, this is normally the case....However I have to disagree.

Sex is one of the last primal instincts we have left as evolved primates, to mate - why else do you find yourself in attraction to a man's/woman's physical attributes? because our bodies are telling us to mate a lot or at least some of the time. Now of course its not as simple anymore, as we've developed so has our psyche and our traditions and expectations of when and why sex happens.

A whore is not someone who has sex a lot because its perfectly healthy and most importantly natural to give into that need if you and the other person is comfortable with it.

A whore or 'slut' to me is someone who abuses sex for many reasons, ill make a list, just remember this is all personal opinoun:
  • Having sex with strangers without protection
  • having sex with someone's boyfriend/girlfriend
  • having sex with someone promising them commitment but instead lying
  • intoxicating someone with the intent to have sex with them
  • using sex for money or blackmail
There's definatly more but these were just some examples.
I decided to write this because I think the term 'whore' or 'slut' gets chucked around way too loosely. sex and other sexual....stuff is perfectly fine if it leaves no victims emotionally or physically.

I hope that if you were so judgmental of others because of this then you'll be a bit more easy going in the future!

peace and thanks!

Monday, 10 January 2011

A film to check out! - adventureland

I haven't done a film review since the time machine classic last year so I thought it would make sence to do more than one.....Adventureland first came out in 2009, but I saw it first late last year - basically its a really suttle romance/comedy which odd considering its made by the same makers of superbad, who generally gives us in your face teenager american comedy, And although this film has much the same feel because its based on teenagerhood situations it gives us a twist because it throws in a romance story which gives it a serious and emotional edge but at the same time having a suttle comedy...which is an awesome mix.

The film is based in 1987 following the character of james, as he works through summer to save up to move to new york with one of his best friends. he gets a crappy job at an amusment park called 'adventureland' and soon makes new friends and finds a girl he befriends called emily, soon he falls for her but there are complications like any teenage romance.

The film generally deals with all the things most teenagers will have to deal with when trying to find the right person and having a sucessful relationship and it really helps you relate to the film when you've also had some of these experiences. in fact id say I like it most because I can relate to 'james' so much that I could possibly imagene myself having the ending he gets? and that makes me feel good!

he works a crappy job he hates, gets shit all money, is shit at talking to girls and hates where he lives and wants to move out

who can't relate to that? you must have at least 2 things in common? unless you one of those well adjusted normal people....BUT the majority of you arn't! so yeh I think this film just gives you/us - the generation of fuck ups that we can end up where we want with who we want no matter what complications get in the way and have some laughs in the process

..............and its all on youtube but shhhhhhhhhh

peace and thanks