Saturday, 27 November 2010

university - your not a loser if your not going

Ive been meaning for a while to write about this. basically this is just a article to show people who arn't going to a university like the majority of people there age around them will be doing, that there life isn't gunna go down the toilet because there not.

I look around me and it seems everythings telling me to go to uni, or its a good idea or its crucial for a sucsessful life. the tv, the news, advertisment and other people all around me. it seems that its unescapable. It tends to leave you feeling like that because your not going to uni your life is somehow gunna be worse and I think thats fucked up.
Im not usualy the sort of person to compare myself to others with things like this but after its shoved in your face constantly for years of school and college it becomes a problem. everyones telling you that uni is the good thing therefore not going would be the bad thing? - sounds kind of simplistic dosnt it? too simplistic.... I am never going to university simply because I feel I don't work well in that sort of learning enviroment. i never did in school, I did a little better in college but uni was just one step to far, if you feel the same then its perfectly normal and fine - stop listening to college teachers because there most likely only saying it to make their record look better - the more students they send to uni the better it looks on their cv - just remember that. and also remember that although you might not have any grades and you may be working a job you hate, this can be a long or short term thing and thats up to you

its sounds so lame but as long as your earning some sort of payment you can use that payment for something benefical. you can learn skills with that money, hobbies and travel. maybe even one of those skills could be your job too? then life wouldnt suck so much would it? - this is all possible

just because everyone else is telling you one thing it does not mean its for you. try not to compare yourself to people by grades on paper or the number of zeros on their paycheck because thats not what sucess is in this case. don't get to wound up with preparing for the future because its what we do now which matters. enjoy the moment and remember whats truly important in life and where your genuine prioties lie

Peace and thanksx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Tattoos dont ruin your life!

So if you have tattoos your more than likely to of had the 'you wont get a job' or 'you'll get into fights' or even 'its against my/our relgion to mark ourselfs' - from your parents or other members of your family..or even sometimes members of other people's family. - this is all a standard because there from a different generation where tattoos were about, but not as popular as compared to todays world. this is no new news but what truly is rediclious is people in our generation trying to expose people with tattoos in a negitive light. As a new generation we should carry with us a new exceptance for new things become the norm. - why cling on to old traditions of non exceptance that have tierd with age and make no sence anymore?

stepping back a bit its obvious that its vital that for us as a race we advance our sence of right and wrong with every new born (im not going off subject i promise!) for example: you will find that a lot of older people at the moment will have a causual racist/homophobic mindset, well actualy dont take that too seriously as im just making this generalisation on all of the old people ive met in my life so far. I say most(not all) because the numbers of imagrents and mixed raced communities has risen (this is a good thing) and its something new that we have adopted to accept because its right to do so. - because we would only be going back on ourselfs and dating our social acceptances through judging someone by having tattoos. and an argument against that might be 'well they wern't born with those tattoos, you cant compare that to racial skin colour when it comes to societies accpetance' and i would say that in this new world we should all have the right with how we want to look because society should of granted us this freedom by now and to deny that person of acceptance or lack of employment is taking away that freedom.

we are the future polotitions, employers, preists and parents and we must do our best to make this a better tommorow by throwing away old outdated traditions or we will never make positive progress.


sorry ive been totally neglecting this blog. people have came up to me and asked why i havent been updating it, people whose opinounds matter! so sorry! im gunna get on it tommorow with a new post and keep updating this spot promtly untill then sorry sorry sorry!

peace and thanks!