Thursday, 23 December 2010

Why new years is awesome

It's nearly xmas but more importantly it's nearly new years! so I thought why not tell all you people why it's way more important and why you should DEFINATLY party on new years eve

Don't be all 'ooooww i thought all your posts were of important things' THIS IS IMPORTANT when has letting loose and causing mischeif never been an important thing to do? all year round were told how to behave, how to spend our money, what manners to have and how to talk to people and the world has this one day that is accepted as the norm, where all of that goes out the window!
pretty much everything goes on new years unless your a dick and the dick population is a small one, and if one of them say...... a member of the police and they try to stop you or does stop you then you've just been unlucky, actually saying 'try to stop you' is an awesome thing in itself because you've managed to get away and so is now funny instead of lame like getting caught!
getting caught doing what you say? getting caught doing whatever the fuck you want, run down the street naked, crash house parties, piss on peoples things, meet people you dont even know and let them take you to a party, kiss girls/men, steal peoples shit, vandalise peoples stuff and if your the one whos getting vandalised or stolen of then allow it becouse its the new year fool! just steal and vandalise someones else's shit to continue the cycle

don't try to apply logic to this, dont anaylise everything i just said in the last paragraph, i was just listing things thats happend to me/friends on new years over the years! I know it sounds primitive but who cares, celebrate your life, another year under your belt that you've been lucky enough to experience, if its been a bad year then fuck it celebrate how good the new ones gunna be! sure if the world did run on this mindstate all year round it would probably be too much of a crazy place to live BUT it dosn't so just go nuts for one day this year at least

im not saying you should only party on this one day, definatly not - you should try and party and have a good time at least once a week, everyone should carry the new years mentality in their head all year round but they don't....but they do on the 31st of december and so that is why you should celebrate on new years if you don't do crazy shit on new years then your not taking advantage of how much fun you could be having. fact.

peace and thanks!

Monday, 13 December 2010

bandS, top nine to check out my best of 2010!

ok so heres a little introduction, I decided to make a list of my favirote releases this year and a little description of what it sounds like who they are etc, not all these releases will be releases that were released in 2010, just the top ten releases ive dug this year............RELEASES! i know you wanted to hear that again
ok so here goes, in no order of awesomeness.....

1: Everyone everywhere s/t
sweet mathy funky midwest style emo from philly. Like snowing and the promise ring. in fact id go as far to say as i probably prefur this lp over any promise ring lp....I can see this record being a classic emo record in the future. every song flows sutley into the next. with cute simple lyrics that stick in your head all day long. you can pick it up here:

2: daylight - sinking
This awesome ep came out early this year and is another emo record (ill stop soon promise) you should defiantly hear this. it dosn't have such classic definitive attributes like other bands of the genre... meaning if you don't really listen to emo then this is a record that is easily approached. it has lots of fast emotional songs with awesome rough deep vocals and catchy sing-a-long parts.
you can pick it up here:

3: Go it alone - histories
This was released all the way back in 2007 and is considerd the lesser of the 2 lps released by go it alone but to me personaly its my favirtoe. Go it alone give you that almost classic earl 2000 hardcore sound that is missing in todays world. emotional songs, political songs, this bad has both and will please you whichever you like to hear when you listen to a hardcore record. their songs are full of passionate fast furious anger with some of the best riffs ive ever heard a hardcore band produce, this album is almost certainly art to me with lyrics that will stick with you for life.
pick it up on ebay or on rivalry records

5: well...5 is laura viers - july flame but i have a whole post on that before this one because its so awesome

6: Del the funkee homosapien - i wish my brother george was here
This del the funkee's first debut album released in 1990 i belive. Del is the most orginal mc i have ever heard and has the most orginal beats ever made. his flow is unique and so is his voice, you will never hear another hip hop artist like him. This album is also co produced by is cousion, ice cube so you know its gunna have the funkiest bass lines and guitar samples. you can probably pick this up on tape for a few pounds on ebay, i did and its my favirote hip hop album.

7: matt pryor - confidence man
This is matt pryor's debut album released last year, Matt pryor if you didn't know is the singer for the infamous get up kids and is one of my favirote voices to listen to. Now recently the get up kids have been active but their new release did kind of not live up to my expectations BUT this defiantly makes up for it. this whole lp is beautiful and matt pryor shows us he defiantly still has the talent for writing intricute soft heart felt songs. although i wouldn't call this emo it definatly has a get up kids feel. maybe its his voice, but everything this man does on this lp is excellent and gives me the same smile that something to write home about does.

8: Tegan and sara - sainthood
This album delivers awesome indie female poppy tracks that are awesome to dance to. Tegan and sara stop using their guitars alot more in this album and start using synth keyboard and piano again which this time (unlike this business of art...sorry) is a good thing! theres not one bad song on this lp and they all are blessed with sweet electric synth and drums etc with the beautiful tegan and sara's voice laced over the top. This in my opinoun is probably their best release and belive me they've hade some awesome albums. these girls are great song writers aswell so every song fits great and sounds pretty much perfect of its genre!

9: Battery - until the end
This is my favirote hardcore record........ever, released in the good ol 90s this album delivers amazing inspirational lyrics with awesome passionate youth crew, influenced hardcore..dont get me wrong they are not your typical youth crew band, the riffs dont rip off youth of today and the vocals arn't done in a funny voice ha but these songs have deliverd really strong issues to me and made me it makes me think a whole lot about life everytime i listen to it and i only fully aprechaited it this year. so if your into hardcore please do give this a listen. they are an underdog band but they are a gem in the rough

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

FLEX YOUR HEAD - A tribute to minor threat

I know how generic this could seem and how cliche this could seem but fuck it. See im playing a cover show with other cover bands(ramones, weezer and descendents) and was thinking today about how I feel about playing this set and I found myself pretty stoaked that I finally get to pay a good tribute to such a ground breaking and frankly revolutionly band so I thought why not write about it..just in case your not going to the show or maybe don't even know of this band who knows?

Whys this band so ground breaking? well I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that for a lot of kids who grew up listening to 'punk' bands like the exploited, the casualties and clit 45 etc it was an easy transaction to make. they had relatively the same sound except when you actually listen to minor threat's lyrics you can actually identify with them a lot more than songs about hows sencless nihilism and having a mohawk will create a anarchistic society. thats how it came to be with me anyway. Minor threat pretty much indroduced me to hardcore, through them I wanted to find more bands that had something to say that wasn't generic 'punk' dribble and so I did, and then I learnt that there was a scene invovled today and although the sound had changed a lot with it some of the time the ethics still held true...with most bands anyway.

In laymens terms Minor threat are like the sex pistols if it played if they played faster and more agressive, thought about what they were doing and saying and then read some books instead of jacking up....but obviously there so much more than that

I met friends through this hardcore scene that I got invovled with because i was enspired by this bands. some of my best friends, probably some of the best friends ill ever make. And ive had countless memorble times aswell that have built up my life - of which im very happy with. And I feel in a sence that I wouldn't be the person I am today if i never listened to this band. would I like this music? would I still have an alcohol problem? would I eat meat? what sort of friends would I have?

I just think its amazing that after 30 years a band like this can still make people think, how they made me think and how they still make kids think. So I just wanted to pay homage to that and I can't wait till i get to play all the songs live that made probably one of the biggest changes in my life! if your intrested in coming to the show then heres the flyer!

Just in case you can't read the writing in detail, its on sunday 12th in kingston upon thame at the fighting cocks. 5 pound entry 7pm!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

A band to check out! - Laura viers - july flame

So this album actually came out in 2009 (I think, i am so unprofessional) SO its relatively new but yeh 1 year old already. First of all I want to start of by saying she is probably one of the best songwriters ive ever listened too. Her music is described as beautiful and peaceful and fragile i geuss, music to sleep too. There's a certain genre of female fronted bands that play soft gentle music with intricute guitars, violins and snyth etc (think - But laura viers, in my opinoun is the best at pulling it off.

July flame is follows up on the sed described greatness, every song is a masterpiece of sweet beautiful female vocals backed up with double bass, violines, piano, xylophone's and chimes. It baffles me how someone ensombles music like this and puts as memorble and as well fitting lyrics together like this. This is probably some of the 'nicest' music ill ever listen to. and when i say nice i mean i cant help but feel nice when i listen to it. when its snowing outside and your by yourself on a cold train with no friends to talk to, stick on this album and you'll suddenly be abousltely fine with that becouse it means you get to listen to this amazing and beautiful women (and her band) all the way home. you can pick it up on her website which is: Shes also coming to the uk in the new year, the dates on her website!
so i urge you all to take a secound out of your busy hectic lifes to sit back and relax with laura, im pretty sure its impossible not to when listening to her amazing sounds!