Tuesday, 25 May 2010

hip hop compilation

here's a link to a playlist I made on youtube of real hip hop. some of the truly best artists and my favourite. the playlist is in the top right corner of the screen on the page on this link :


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

News on gorillabar being printed

so I decided to make the 1st issue without the interviews I was hoping to get I mentioned last month For a couple of reasons really, one being im really impatient and can't wait a few months for dates to pass so I can get the interviews. However I still will try my best to get the interviews I did mention but I will be posting them on here instead of in printed form. The first issue will be a fresh batch of basically what you read on this blogspot. Thoughts, ideas, places to check out in the uk, current issues and probably some show reviews of some sort To be honest I don't know completely what it will include yet fully. you'll have to find out I guess.

Anyhow I aim to print it in at least a month. asap. Further notice will be given when I have them on sale or to give out or whatever. stay tuned!

peace and thanksx

Monday, 3 May 2010

A band to check out! - Nana girzol

Nana grizol..what can I say if your familiar to no idea records and bands and artists from bloomingdale and your a fan of these then you WILL love this band. pretty much the best band I have came across with that sort of sound. kinda like indie pop mixed with folk roots - but only mildly, don't get my wrong this isn't folk band, only a hint of it I can tell is a influence to the sound because the music is really unique. There pretty upbeat and gentle sounding, great for bad days or when your feeling tired. just stick these guys on and it. Its a great mix of trumpets, catchy clean riffs and lyrics which are easily remembered. bands similar would include: Paul baribeau, lemuria, andrew jihad jackson and against me's old stuff, mix them all together and you still wouldn't have it because this band still don't sound exactly like any of the bands just mentioned, there something special and strangely not that well known for some odd reason. They have two albums out 'ruth' and 'love it, love it' you can get them here http://www.orangetwin.com/nanapg1.html I really advise you get this or at least check them out, I personally think this is a really special band. You seem to get a lot of bands from that no idea records area that sound alike, which is not a bad thing but this bad stands out immensely

here's a song Just incase your too lazy to search for their myspace on google! haha
feel good music :)