Friday, 4 March 2011

why I think sampling is one of the coolest things ever

Ok so what is Sampling first off?
well sampling was born in the 1970s with the birth of underground hip hop and in laymens terms its when you get someone elses song, or a sound from anywhere thats recorded, and chop it up, rearrange it and use it in a track that you compile together using computer programs...well nowadays anyway back in the day they'd use tape loops and turntable samplers. you can sample anything you want, singing, beats, snyths, violins, double bass anything that can be recorded!
so what does this mean?
well it means you potentially have any instrument or sound at your command, all you have to do is put it all together. For example if you had the technology and money you could pay for a double bass player to come to your home studio and you could record him doing all sorts of chords, once recorded you pay him and then cut them and then assign them to each key to your midi keyboard and there you go, you have a professional double bass at your disposal. - This is just one example you could do it with anything and I mean anything. Dj shadow first really took sampling in both hands and made a whole album from samples, it even included samples from famous NASA take off countdowns.
I feel its ultimate creativity and it's finest, observe the world, listen to it's sounds - record them and make a song out of it. How awesome is that!
One day I hope to learn to Dj and then have some sort of home studio where I can start to do this myself.
Heres a simple but effective tutorial video I found on youtube about sampling

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

streotypes of a male misunderstood. and its not all good

Stereotypes are never a good thing, I should'nt have to write an essay on the negitive effects of stereotypes and how it goes hand in hand with racism and sexism But it seems the world still hasn't got a grasp on things so heres one about male stereotypes. Why male? well its a lot less touched on then female stereotypes or racist stereotypes. And what is a male sterotype? well people seem to fixated on being a 'real man' - what is a real man in a stereotpyical opinoun? well heres what I've found over the years from my perspective
  • He's strong
  • He can win in fights
  • He can drink a lot
  • He's not gay
  • He can sex well
Theres obviously loooooads more than ive just listed, and of course all of them are bullshit but that in my personal experiences is the stereotypcial man that( more than I'd like to admit) people expect when they see a male. First off why are these stereotypes wrong? well believe it or not there are many men out there who actually believe this ''makes a man a man'' and therefore if anyone is for example homosexual or dosn't want to drink then he is seen as a joke or looked at in a negitive light therefore shunning people from simple life choices that we are all entitled to make, in extreame cases this can be a form of oppression because it influnces modern day man so much that he may never be what he wants to be because he fears of the repercussions he might face against his fellow man.

And that is why these stereotypes are bullshit. so what does make a man a man? well in my opinoun you should backup a bit and ask yourself instead what makes a decent human being a decent human being? because as soon as we categorise ourselfs into what we should/should'nt be via sexual orientation were already saying that females can't do certain things males can and visa versa and thats a pretty sexist view to have in my opinoun. let's all just work on bettering ourselves as human beings instead of focusing on traits we 'should' have because of if were a dude or a gal

peace and thanksx