Friday, 15 April 2011

Show review! Murs at camden jazz cafe

as you Probably know if you read this blog, i am a big hip hop fan of new and old....but mostly old! and one of, probably my favirote new age rapper, murs was finally doing a euro tour and I could finally get to see his set.

Stig of the dump opened up, I had'nt ever really heard his stuff apart from this uk vs us rap battle I saw once, he was on that and was good(and won his battle) also friends had said good things about him so I was expecting good things, And thats what I got! He opened with an acapella and went straight into his set, it was really cool to see a guy not give a shit about how he looked or how he sounded when it comes to hip hop which is a common problem with the music genre - some of his songs were more grimey than others but most of it was uk hip hop at its finest, honestly in my opinoun he is a underated talent and I hope he gets all he deserves in the future, although he was supporting murs and that would be the high point of as a rapper, and yeh I said career because I couldnt think of any other word, obviously he does his thing because hes inspired by the music and not money but you get what I mean.

So after 30-40 minutes of in your face british hip hop was mur's turn and I was fucking stoaked - this guy had influenced me from a worse time in my life however corney that sounds and I listen to him on the regular - and if anyone knows me they know I love hip hop, probably just as much as punk music and this guy in my opinoun is the pioneer of it all nowadays.
he comes on with such energy and dosn't stop moving for a secound, everyones connecting and singing along and I have a huge grin on my face, between songs he has humor and between others he has a message, just what I like in my musicians - He goes through most of the 'classics' from his album '3:16' which features beats all made by 9th wonder on this tour however he was acompaied by 'foundation' who was a great dj and was just as invovled as murs, which I find also very important as if it was not for the dj we'd have no funky beats and breaks to dance to right?
he also went through some new songs coming out on his new lp 'varsity blues 2' which sounded super cool.

He also had some fun and did some freestyles over tracks of which he told a story, for example he did one over dubstep, another over a dance track and another over wiz khalifas's 'black and yellow' - of which I dislike but murs made it awesome because he's awesome! - overall I had a great night, so did the rest of the audience I could tell, he's got awesome energy and has the hip hop honesty that most 'hip hop' acts lack in nowadays I'd say, if you get the chance to most definatly see him 100% you'll be missing out if you don't!