Wednesday, 12 May 2010

News on gorillabar being printed

so I decided to make the 1st issue without the interviews I was hoping to get I mentioned last month For a couple of reasons really, one being im really impatient and can't wait a few months for dates to pass so I can get the interviews. However I still will try my best to get the interviews I did mention but I will be posting them on here instead of in printed form. The first issue will be a fresh batch of basically what you read on this blogspot. Thoughts, ideas, places to check out in the uk, current issues and probably some show reviews of some sort To be honest I don't know completely what it will include yet fully. you'll have to find out I guess.

Anyhow I aim to print it in at least a month. asap. Further notice will be given when I have them on sale or to give out or whatever. stay tuned!

peace and thanksx

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