Saturday, 4 December 2010

A band to check out! - Laura viers - july flame

So this album actually came out in 2009 (I think, i am so unprofessional) SO its relatively new but yeh 1 year old already. First of all I want to start of by saying she is probably one of the best songwriters ive ever listened too. Her music is described as beautiful and peaceful and fragile i geuss, music to sleep too. There's a certain genre of female fronted bands that play soft gentle music with intricute guitars, violins and snyth etc (think - But laura viers, in my opinoun is the best at pulling it off.

July flame is follows up on the sed described greatness, every song is a masterpiece of sweet beautiful female vocals backed up with double bass, violines, piano, xylophone's and chimes. It baffles me how someone ensombles music like this and puts as memorble and as well fitting lyrics together like this. This is probably some of the 'nicest' music ill ever listen to. and when i say nice i mean i cant help but feel nice when i listen to it. when its snowing outside and your by yourself on a cold train with no friends to talk to, stick on this album and you'll suddenly be abousltely fine with that becouse it means you get to listen to this amazing and beautiful women (and her band) all the way home. you can pick it up on her website which is: Shes also coming to the uk in the new year, the dates on her website!
so i urge you all to take a secound out of your busy hectic lifes to sit back and relax with laura, im pretty sure its impossible not to when listening to her amazing sounds!

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