Thursday, 23 December 2010

Why new years is awesome

It's nearly xmas but more importantly it's nearly new years! so I thought why not tell all you people why it's way more important and why you should DEFINATLY party on new years eve

Don't be all 'ooooww i thought all your posts were of important things' THIS IS IMPORTANT when has letting loose and causing mischeif never been an important thing to do? all year round were told how to behave, how to spend our money, what manners to have and how to talk to people and the world has this one day that is accepted as the norm, where all of that goes out the window!
pretty much everything goes on new years unless your a dick and the dick population is a small one, and if one of them say...... a member of the police and they try to stop you or does stop you then you've just been unlucky, actually saying 'try to stop you' is an awesome thing in itself because you've managed to get away and so is now funny instead of lame like getting caught!
getting caught doing what you say? getting caught doing whatever the fuck you want, run down the street naked, crash house parties, piss on peoples things, meet people you dont even know and let them take you to a party, kiss girls/men, steal peoples shit, vandalise peoples stuff and if your the one whos getting vandalised or stolen of then allow it becouse its the new year fool! just steal and vandalise someones else's shit to continue the cycle

don't try to apply logic to this, dont anaylise everything i just said in the last paragraph, i was just listing things thats happend to me/friends on new years over the years! I know it sounds primitive but who cares, celebrate your life, another year under your belt that you've been lucky enough to experience, if its been a bad year then fuck it celebrate how good the new ones gunna be! sure if the world did run on this mindstate all year round it would probably be too much of a crazy place to live BUT it dosn't so just go nuts for one day this year at least

im not saying you should only party on this one day, definatly not - you should try and party and have a good time at least once a week, everyone should carry the new years mentality in their head all year round but they don't....but they do on the 31st of december and so that is why you should celebrate on new years if you don't do crazy shit on new years then your not taking advantage of how much fun you could be having. fact.

peace and thanks!

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