Wednesday, 8 December 2010

FLEX YOUR HEAD - A tribute to minor threat

I know how generic this could seem and how cliche this could seem but fuck it. See im playing a cover show with other cover bands(ramones, weezer and descendents) and was thinking today about how I feel about playing this set and I found myself pretty stoaked that I finally get to pay a good tribute to such a ground breaking and frankly revolutionly band so I thought why not write about it..just in case your not going to the show or maybe don't even know of this band who knows?

Whys this band so ground breaking? well I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that for a lot of kids who grew up listening to 'punk' bands like the exploited, the casualties and clit 45 etc it was an easy transaction to make. they had relatively the same sound except when you actually listen to minor threat's lyrics you can actually identify with them a lot more than songs about hows sencless nihilism and having a mohawk will create a anarchistic society. thats how it came to be with me anyway. Minor threat pretty much indroduced me to hardcore, through them I wanted to find more bands that had something to say that wasn't generic 'punk' dribble and so I did, and then I learnt that there was a scene invovled today and although the sound had changed a lot with it some of the time the ethics still held true...with most bands anyway.

In laymens terms Minor threat are like the sex pistols if it played if they played faster and more agressive, thought about what they were doing and saying and then read some books instead of jacking up....but obviously there so much more than that

I met friends through this hardcore scene that I got invovled with because i was enspired by this bands. some of my best friends, probably some of the best friends ill ever make. And ive had countless memorble times aswell that have built up my life - of which im very happy with. And I feel in a sence that I wouldn't be the person I am today if i never listened to this band. would I like this music? would I still have an alcohol problem? would I eat meat? what sort of friends would I have?

I just think its amazing that after 30 years a band like this can still make people think, how they made me think and how they still make kids think. So I just wanted to pay homage to that and I can't wait till i get to play all the songs live that made probably one of the biggest changes in my life! if your intrested in coming to the show then heres the flyer!

Just in case you can't read the writing in detail, its on sunday 12th in kingston upon thame at the fighting cocks. 5 pound entry 7pm!

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