Monday, 21 February 2011

video games: whats up with the kids today?

I'd like to start this post in a positive way, Been playing a lot of old street fighter games so It inspired me to write this. The console you see above is the super nintendo entertainment system and it is probably invovled with most of my happiest childhood memories, not just because I loved playing it but because of who I played it it with, mainly my brother and my dad.

Why did I bother telling you that? well If you haven't geussed already this post is about video games today and the problems that come with them today And I geuss I was trying to demonstrate how this isn't a complete slant at video games as the console above is almost a family airloom to me and has great sentimental value and I still treasure it to this day.
today I feel its a different case as I see kids litreally spending 24/7 online on their xbox/ps3 - now im not one to tell you how to live your life but at least live it! I don't know if its the online capabilities or the superb grahpics that are on offer to today's gamer but something has a lot of these young(and sometimes worrying old) people litreally hooked on their games. I geuss first I'd compare myself as a child playing playstation or super nintendo, did I spend that much time on my consoles? did I love my consoles? well...No and yes, Truely I loved gaming and found it a creative and imaginative experience everytime I picked up the pad but I think that creativity and imaginativity carried on when I turned off the TV and these kids...arn't?
I could argue that anytime spent fiddling with a controller and swearing at a tv is a waste of time but I simply dont belive that. As a child/teenager I found computer games a constant comfort to take my mind off difficult and painful times whilst growing up, its almost Like I could switch off and just not care about anytihng but the game I was playing - ask yourself where else you can do that in life? there arn't many answers, and all it took was turning on your console and playing.
But should kids get stuck in this trance everyday? well of course not, although video games where always there as an escape it's always important to experience situations around you be them bad and good, they shape you, you learn from them and you grow up with them to shape you into a (hopefully) well rounded and awesome person. these situations are usually located outside of your bedroom...and if you never leave the bedroom due to the console then will you learn these skills and if you do will it be too late?
well I dont have the answer but I belive we shall find it out in the near future as these xbox 360/ps3 kids are growing up and will have to face reality sooner or later..unfortunatly.

Whats the solution? well I don't know but all I know is that video games in the golden 90's where about imgination, jumping on turtles as a fat italian with colourful 16 bit screen resolution and not pretending you were in the army with real life graphics. Has gaming became too realistic? I think so and Just like how I see society I belive we must take a step back to take a step forward

peace and thanks!

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