Sunday, 20 June 2010

poem - 3 quarters full

I like writing poems, who knew? expect more...

day after day
week after week
we search our mind but do not know what to seek
a space is missing, in life's jigsaw a piece is gone.
its a tricky one. a piece may fit but wont agree with the picture.

do I seem dull? incomplete? not myself?
That would be normal that would make sense
im still unhappy I haven't found my piece
I've looked everywhere. irationality takes over
paranoia becomes a friend to help me look

I found out a shop sells my missing piece
only to find its another which just fits
it fills the void but dosn't belong
This is why I act so wronged

im puzzled and puzzled and puzzled again
untill I find myself shopping without money
for something that can't be bought
untill I find myself waiting without sleep
for something that can't be found

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