Friday, 9 July 2010


so the last year or two its all of a sudden became cool to write mxxmxcx or whatever it is
or print upside down crosses about. guess what your not cool or alternative. your not shocking
anyone. you aren’t doing anything new. you probably just heard a burzum record and though you
are now 'well into black metal' and your a regular church burner. cool....maybe in your head.
in reality all your doing is making yourself and possibly those who oppose religion, look like fools.
if you detest religion why not give the people you detest a educated informal explanation as to why your
so against it, not just shout hail satan and try to offend them. i mean even if your shouting hail satan
- that implies that there’s satan and therefore a counter part to god which means you believe there is a god
which is surely what you oppose seeing as your so anti religious right?

in truth this is just a stupid phad. leave it to slayer or someone to shout hail Satan at least then its funny
n they've even said themselves they treat it as a joke. its just another way to try and make yourself look cool
it will come and go. religion to me and many people i know is a very important issue/problem and would like to demonstrate
to the world how it is not needed. the only way that’s ever going to happen is for kids to get informed, know their shit
and actually give explanations that make sense and make people open their eyes oppose to those who just plaster a fucking
upside down cross everywhere and Wright mxxcxxxcxxfuckyouxxzx

peace and thanks

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