Thursday, 15 July 2010

A band to check out! - the ergs!

ok so these guys have been around for ages, i know. but i don't really care cause they deserve to be listened to for a very very long time

these guys are basically your neo descendants without being a complete rip off. they have some 7 inches which sound like minor threat and some material that is cool geeky pop punk that isn't cheesy or cringe just simply sing along posi.....ness.

the majority of their stuff is pop punk - and im not the biggest fan of pop punk and im very particular when it comes to listening to it. if its just that bit too much corny of whiney sounding then in totally put off...well to be honest thats a contradiction because i do listen to whiney pop punk like the movielife, motion city soundtrack, the wonderyears and blink 182 etc but I dunno i geuss it comes down to personal preference on weather its that too much whiney and corney sounding to me.........anyway going off subject! these guys hit me in all the right places of good pop punk thats done really well which is a hard thing to do. I wish there was more pop punk like this - its not full on pop punk riffs, its kinda mixed with crazy riffs that kind of remind me of like how the descendants played their songs.

best way to understand what I mean is just to listen to a song..even though I should be able to but a sound in your mind with my amazing journalistic skills..........yeh right! heres a video of a song!

peace and thanks!

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