Saturday, 24 July 2010

a band to check out! - penpal

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If your a fan of atmospheric, emo - hell i could even broaden it to if you like relaxing music then you WILL love this band. to best describe their sound id say they take a big influence from american football, emo played with intricate guitar parts. but that description doesn't give them justice these guys are pretty much geniuses at writing music they have a full lp at the moment and are just now getting a new 7inch pressed which im super stoaked about as these guys are probably one of my favourite bands as of right now.
every one of these songs on this self titled lp is written with such care and precision you can tell they sat down when making each song and perfected each one second by second. this whole lp is just a masterpiece of relaxation and genius and beautiful guitar and song structure and this whole lp is free! - Going back to mention how this band do have similar sounds to american football I Personally would go as far to say that they have advanced on that sort of sound and brang something new to it.
i urge you to download this as you will certainly not regret it!

also check out Marquette its basically their previous band which is a little more poppy emo and less atmospheric - there also really really good! snap!

peace and thanks

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