Friday, 9 April 2010

A band to check out! - psyched to die

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Psyched to die are a 80s punk influenced band with a skate punk and very slightly garage sound from jersey and also features mickey from the ergs! the bands been around 2008 and since then released an e.p - 'sterile walls' which was bought out last year in July on dirtnap records and a demo from 08 and also a full lenth- 'the impulse of international' and another e.p - 'scatterd brained' I seem to have a nack for finding bands out just after they've broken up so im really happy I found out these guys before they died. but yeh awesome band. if I had to compare them to any 80's American punk band, which I have to do cos these guys have that sound down so well! it would be the circle jerks, the vocals are definitive enough to stand out and combined with the awesome fast passed angry 3 chord play-as-fast-as-you-can south coast sound this band is not one to be missed! but not only have they got that sound as well it also has some of those classic songs with sing a long punk anthems like black flag's Jelous again or ssd's police beat. So yeh If you combined cloak/dagger with circle jerks throw in some style songs of the songs mentioned above then you'd get this band and if your a fan of any of the bands just mentioned your gunna love this band! you can buy their releases here:
and heres a video of them supporting the germs last year!

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