Sunday, 18 April 2010


So me, like many other people was a student at school who found it incredibly hard to fit in and be 'successful' in the eyes of teachers. I've recently Just realised how mad school is. they put you all in the same uniform, order you to abide by the same rules and if any disagreement or even a question about the way things are in the school is raised to a teacher you are automatically assumed to be a trouble maker or the '2% or students who leave here with nothing' this, to me is mad. they stamp out any sort or creativity and label it as failure, apparently to the school system your all meant to fit in to the same mold. the same uniform. the same person. your supposed to leave all being the same, the perfect mold for society, apparently. but I disagree, how they can expect for every kid to fit into the same way of learning is beyond me, yeh the majority do but for the minority who don't there's no other option than to crash and burn and as your doing this in the four years from year 7 to year 11 you just constantly get E minuses and 0 out of a 100 and being told that you'll amount to nothing until you star believing it yourself. so in the end you leave with no or little grades and some fucked up mental attitude that your just a dumb person and unsuccessful. For me personally to this day when someone says to me something like 'Ah im working my ass off right now cos im going to uni next year' I automatically reflect on myself and think hmm im not going to uni, im not having any tests right now so Im less successful and not living my life properly - fortunately this motion only lasts a second with me because I have awesome friends around me to remind me of who I am and what the real deal is. but I fear for the kids, the 2% that were a 'failure' in school. will they go a whole lifetime in self doubt? hating themselves? Im sure some do. now and then I even do if im being honest, and THAT is not right.

so what could we do to stop this? well I think an obvious one would be to make classes more varied, its so obvious that some people would learn so much better in a creative way then just sitting in a row listening to someone and writing down in their text book. I suppose schools and teachers would probably argue that, that would take up time and money. but it should be the schools duty to ensure that the kids learn in anyway or form and they have failed at that. They should Stop the rows, throw away the uniforms and should not employee staff who tell kids they will amount to nothing. it would be really awesome to see kids learning like this. fuck if they did learn like that I would probably want to be a teacher. for all the 2% reading this I just wanna say don't loose hope, don't give up on something, don't compare your life to others, concentrate one what is important to you, set your own goals and live at your on pace. and you are NOT alone. peace and thanks

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