Friday, 9 April 2010

First post. what is gorrilabar?

Hey my names Tommy Norman and I was going to start a fanzine called gorrilabar about general things like music, band reviews, show reviews and just random columns about idea and thoughts I had about...well anything I thought was important or I found interesting. So a few things you should expect when you read this is the obvious stuff about music I think everyone should check out and columns about shows I went to and thought were awesome but hopefully the rest shouldnt be so obvious becouse I hope to cover something different a few times every week or so I hopefully this will lead to a good read that hopefully makes you think, induces a few cool bands to you. Im based in the south of the U.K so expect a lot of the show reviews to be from around there but hopefully I should vary it in time. If you have any questions or anything you think would be cool to cover in this email me at: thanks for your time!

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