Sunday, 11 April 2010

why the descendants rule!

So its 3 in the morning. im an frequent insomniac so I decided to try to convince you(if you dont already) why you should listen to the descendants Why not!?

So this is descendants, there is so much to say about this band. some people say there over-rated but I say there under-rated as one of the best early punk/hardcore bands and as one of the first punk bands to introduce an element of pop into their punk! when you listen to this band's first records i.e 'milo goes to college' and 'I dont wanna grow up' next to other classic 80's American punk bands your immediately hear a difference, its like the other bands accept it has some crazy chaotic melody to it with lyrics which were a a lot more singy compared to your angry pissed off bark you got a lot from bands around then(which isnt a bad thing!) Dont get me wrong I consider the earlier lps hardcore punk records, it dosnt sound different enough to be labelled pop punk with these albums but defiantly has enough difference in it to tell these guys were bringing something new to the table of punk rock....nerdcore! And if your one of those people, (like i am) that needs to be able to relate to a band to really get into it them and fall in love with the music well if you've ever felt like an underdog been bullied or felt out of step then these guys will be the anthem for you! to demonstrate my point here the song 'im not a loser' from milo goes to college!

This is one of the more 80's sounding tracks And not a great example of the chaotic melody-ness i was on about but fuck I love this song. i wish i saw it live just so i could shout IM NOT A LOSER! with the all nerds haha. Later on as the years passed the band developed more on the melody punk singey -ness and basically released records which are way more pop punk, with the odd old school tracks thrown on them. records like 'everything sucks' and 'cool to be you' are basically these records, i mean they had records out before this like 'enjoy!' and 'ALL' but I find em kinda odd, enjoy is basically the descendants fucking about which is fun to hear ha and ALL as some crazy songs on it but there's a few that are my favourite, I think 'clean sheets' off that album might be my favourite, you should check it out cos it is awesome somewhere in the middle of punk rock, pop punk and some bits even sound like the smiths? ha thats just my opinion you may disagree! BUT yeh went off track a bit there, the two records cool to be you and everything sucks are defiantly best described as pop punk, to new listeners of the band it will proberbly sound pretty cheesy to you but once you get your head round that there just songs which make you feel good and posi. as all pop punk should!

The band still randomly play shows but theres always off an on and have been for years. also if you do like these guys check out the band ALL, a side project of the descendants, it basically sounds like them accept a few albums has the dag nasty singer fronting for it, which is awesome! so basically if you love pop punk, if you love old school hardcore punk get into these guys cos there really something! here an awesome video of them playing their later stuff and a interview so you can make a comparison of the video before PEACE!

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