Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Racial difference + religion + Ignorance

Hey so I have been thinking over the last few weeks about the EDL (English defence league) and if you don't know who they are here's a bi-est information opposing them: and here's bi-est information supporting them:

Why have I decided to post something about this? well because 1 there coming to my town on Saturday to protest and 2 everyone should be aware of it anyway. So what do I think of it? well I'm confused mainly, Im confused about why they describe themselves as a 'counter jihad movement' and also that 'all races and religions are welcome in the edl' when there has been factual proof that there are many racists in this group, and if you are not a racist yet your in this group because you are scared/angry about extreme terrorism and you know that there are racists in the edl, why do you affiliate yourself in this group? Ive read about protests and the aftermaths of these protests, vandalising, spray painting racist remarks on mosques, members of the edl giving nazi salutes and not talking about what they stand for. just marching about shouting EDL and destroying things.

There's so much I don't understand with this group. for example I don't understand how your supposed to stop terrorism from mainly another country by marching about in your own. yes there are people from all sorts of nationalities and religions in the UK but The edl states that everyone is welcome in the group. so how would these protests stop anything? I'll tell you what I think, because this isn't just about terrorism if at all. there are many reasons why I think people have joined this group. I think its made up of people With immigration issues, bonehead racists and BNP/ukip voters.

To the people there because 'you want them out of YOUR country taking YOUR tax money' and all that shit I say your totally contradicting yourself because its costing 30 grand just for the police protection not even counting all the damage which WILL be made by the bonehead racists. So take that away and you just have the racists and to them, well the whole world should say that racist attitude is fucked up and its not welcome on this planet.

And if you are in it because you are scared or angry about terrorism and the war with iraq. then why not just enrol in the army, im not trying to promote it but if your so keen to 'fight terrorism' then you can actually go and fight it face to face, its free aswell!

in conclusion this march is fucking up everyones day in my town, and will probably make future racial tension where I live just so they can get their day or glory.

peace and thanksx

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