Wednesday, 14 April 2010


ok so for the people that do actully read this heres some things i hope to do with gorillabar in the upcoming months

may/june - i hope to get interviews from Death is Not glamorous and deny everything

Im also guna ask if abolition( and Neverxagain( want to be interviewed for it too, there all nice guys so there probs down for it but nothings 100 percent right now. will be in a few months. all of this will be printed on a physical zine instead of on here as that was my main goal in the first place. although ill probs feature a lot of it on here just for the hell of it. the zine will also feature random stuff, like on this blogspot, some of the stuff used in this blogspot might be put into the zine, maybe not, who knows. they'll be on sale for 50p. im gunna ask all ages records in camden,london if theyd sell some for me( again, they'll probs do it cos there all cool, so they should be on sale there and also ill be selling them at any shows im at, and you can find that out by emailing me at

BUT remember non of this is for 100 percent certain yet, just wanted to give you something to expect ! peace and thanksx

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