Friday, 9 April 2010

A movie to check out! - the time machine (1960)

So im not usually a fan of movies this old. I dunno why, maybe its cos next to the graphics and filming of advantages of today it makes movies this old look dull and boring on sight, but this movie is actully pretty good and an interesting concept. basically a scientist makes a time machine and travels way into the past and future of the planet earth, sounds like a basic idea right? but its actually pretty interesting. I saw it today after I woke up on channel four. because during weekdays channel four does usually randomly play these old movies. basically after meeting his best friends father and future son and documenting things which are happening to the world. like future wars and new technology he gets stuck in a cave in, I cant remember why (bad reviewing!) but he has his' travel machine in this cave also, so he decides to travel so far in time that the rocks around him erode and he is free. anyway he ends up going into the year 8053495 or something rebellious and sees the whole world he knew destroyed and turn into some sort of paradise-jungle. eventually he finds some sort of of what seems to be a society. but its different as noone works because they have no need to. mankind has reformed into some sort of caveman stage except not as primal and uneducated (probably because that would fuck up the story line as he falls in love with a member of this new society and it would probably be impossible for a modern man to fall in love with a cave-women because of obvious differences ) he then after asking questions like 'is there a government here?' and 'is there a form of money in this time?' finds out that there are two groups of people on this earth. these neo cavemen/women and 'morlocks' which are basically humans that live underground. the whole movie climaxes to questions about the society we live in today. how in the future the sacrifices of man, the legends and heroes of our time wont even be memories as all documentation will be destroyed along with our civilisation, has this already happened? was there a society before our history records it that did great, amazing things which have gone forgotten? maybe. I say probably. Anyway check out the movie. I wont tell you the end but it involves lots of fire!

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